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Tonkinese Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

by Mohamad Rustam
tonkinese cat

Tonkinese cats are a mix of the Siamese and Burmese cat breeds, both known for their loving personalities. Tonks love to be petted by humans as well as other animals! This breed is also playful and likes to chase things like feathers on a string or little balls across the room. Tonkinese cats have a loving, affectionate personalities. They enjoy being petted and will not hesitate to demand your attention with their playful antics if you are trying to work or watch television! If it is time for dinner they might even let out an adorable meow as though they were asking politely for food–no matter what the hour of the day may be!

Tonkinese cats are a mix of the Siamese and Burmese cat breeds. They share many qualities with their parent breeds, including pointed coats and bright jewel-tone eyes. Tonks can make wonderful companions because they love to play with people while also curling up in laps at the end of long days for some cuddles!

tonkinese cat

Height 7 – 10 inch
Weight 5 – 12 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  10 to 20 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors Brown, ebony,  gray, cream, beige


With pointed coats, svelte limbs, and a bright gaze that beckons you to come closer – the Tonkinese is an eye-catching breed. A natural charmer with its mysterious and glamorous appearance – this cat will have everyone looking twice!  Tonkinese cats are playful and intelligent with a unique, friendly personalities. They do not shed too much due to their short hair that is low-maintenance for owners of this breed. Tonkinese also features almond-shaped eyes which can either be blue or green depending on the cat’s coloration along with medium-sized ears making them look like little foxes in disguise!

Tonkinese cats can be distinguished by the color of their coats, which come in four variations: platinum (pale), champagne (light brown), natural colors on a white background, and blue. The pattern of these types is determined either as high-contrast point patterns, medium-contrast, or “mink” patterns with darker points all over its body but not to an extreme degree like many other breeds or low contrast solid-colored coat without any markings whatsoever. Eye color also goes hand in hand with Tonkinese cat’s type because Mink Tonkies have aqua eyes while Point tonkie typically has blue ones; Solid tonkie Cats will always have green-eyed kittens!


Tonks is the perfect match for any family. These sweet kitties love being lap cats, and will have plenty of affection to share with their new owners! Tonkinese gets his intelligence from Siamese ancestors while still retaining loving energy inherited from Burmese cat ancestry.

Tonks is a take-charge, playful, and social breed that enjoys spending time with their pet parents. They’re incredibly talkative breeds who expect you to listen when they speak up. Some might call this bossy side of Tonk’s personality “cute” or even endearing because it means the dog always has your best interests in mind!

Tonks is one tough cookie—but don’t let them intimidate you! This is a fun-loving and smart pup that loves nothing more than being around its human family members for as long as possible each day. In fact, most days will find these pups supervising work hours from behind office desks while making sure no shenanigans go on without proper supervision

These amazing cats are inventive and intelligent. The Tonkinese is like his Siamese ancestors in that he desires to master interactive toys, try new tricks, jump high, and clown around for the entertainment of their family members.
This cat loves being active! They’re always so silly with this reputation of jumping really high or trying out some cool new trick just when you least expect it-typically as a way to make everyone laugh.

tonkinese cat


Tonkinese cats are curious and chatty. They’re known for their friendly personalities, which make them great companions.


Tonkinese cats are medium in size, with well-developed muscles that show no signs of coarseness. This type is the perfect compromise between a long and slender body shape or a cobby and compact shape. Balance over everything else is what matters most when it comes to this breed’s conformation; abdominal muscles should be taut, firm, but not too muscular either as they can impair agility by making them heavy on their feet.

Tonkinese cats have an average-sized torso which looks like the best kind of balance between extremes such as having a slim build vs being heavily built up in the muscle.


Tonkinese cats are aptly described as “dainty” by breed standards. They have slim legs, proportionate in length, and bone to the body. Their hind leg is slightly longer than their front one; just enough so that they can stand up straight while walking on a flat surface or running down an incline without toppling over sideways! The paws of this cat species are more oval rather than round which allows them to snugly curl around objects such as your arm before settling into sleep mode with you at night for gosh sakes.

tonkinese cat


The Tonkinese cat’s head is a slightly rounded wedge that is longer than it is wide. It has high cheekbones and its muzzle comes bluntly around the front of its face, protruding about as much lengthwise as horizontally. A slight whisker break follows gently curved lines on either side of this blunt nose, ending when they reach an eye-level stop at the end of these gentle curves in your kindly creature’s forehead where there are no more drastic changes to follow through until you look down into those velvety eyes that pierce right through any barrier standing between them and love for another person!


The eyes of a Tonkinese cat are almond-shaped, slanting towards the outer edge of its ear. Large and proportionate in size to their face, these cats have an open eye shape that is welcoming and perceptive


Tonkinese cats come in a variety of colors including natural, champagne, blue, and platinum. With dilute colors such as brown or champagne, these types can take up to 16 months for the full-body color to develop. Cats do darken with age but will never be completely black like many other breeds are able to due to their Asian ancestry from Thailand where they were bred originally.

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