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The 5 Clues That Tell How Do I Know If My Cat is Dying

by Esa Shafly
. how do i know if my cat is dying

Some signs enable you to read how do I know if my cat is dying. You may notice the changes in your cat. It can happen on both health and behavior.

Most symptoms come when your cat has an illness. Once you can recognize the sign, you should contact your vet immediately. The following information can be helpful for you.

  • Sign of Extra Weight Loss

Experiencing weight loss occurs in most senior cats. As your cat becomes older, it loses muscle strength. Its body gets less efficient, whether in digesting or creating protein.

That is why the cat loses the mass of its muscle. Although cats eat well, they are still losing weight. Over time, this problem becomes more extreme.

You can even notice that an old or sick cat can be thin. The ribs, spine, or hip bones are shown under the skin.

  • No Eating and Drinking

When your cat feels ill, it also loses its appetite. Cats do not want to eat or drink. They lose interest in having meals.

These things may happen due to the effect of some medications. It can impair the taste and smell senses of your cat. So, you have to do some tips to improve their appetite.

You can warm up or add more fish juice to their food. Besides, you can put extra liquid as well. Through this, you can attract their interest in eating.

how do i know if my cat is dying

  • How do I Know If My Cat is Dying from Extra Hiding

When you notice that your cat hides more often, you have to pay special attention to it. There is also a telltale that supports this sign. However, it can be hard for you to define this sign.

Commonly, cats hide a lot. This sign may increase, and you have to watch about it carefully. Some cats do not want to go out even for their routine like having mealtimes.

  • Having Decreased on Mobility

This case happens on most of the senior cats. They experience a decrease in mobility because of muscle loss. Apart from that, other health challenges make them get this sign.

It can be increasing as it starts from a small to a greater sign. In the beginning, a senior cat may no longer be able to jump onto a higher place. It includes entering the kitchen counter.

Do some effort to convince your cat. Check all things that make the cats easy to access. You can put a stepping stone to make it able to reach its favorite place.

  • What I learn from Behavior Changes

You should be able to recognize multiple signs of behavioral changes. It occurs when cats are dying. The changes can vary, but you have to remember that the cats’ behavior is indeed changing.

Some can be more reclusive. Due to its pain, a cat can be cranky or irritable. They may walk away from you.

Senior cats can get dementia like in humans. This illness is called cognitive dysfunction that teaches me how do I know if my cat is dying. It causes your senior cat to wander the house during the night.

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