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Putting Lotion on Dogs: Is It Safe?

by Esa Shafly
can I put lotion on my dog

Can I put lotion on my dog? A study showed that 17 percent of the dogs examined were suffering from skin disorders. Of these, 25 percent of the dogs had itching as a symptom. This shows that it is important to take care of dogs’ skin. In order to avoid skin disorders on your dog, one of the ways that you can do is keeping your dog’s skin smooth and moist. Though there are so many dog lotion products available in the market, is it safe to put lotion on them?

Can You Put Lotion on Your Dog?

Can I put lotion on my dog? Well, this answer is yes and no. The answer is no if you put humans’ lotion on your dog. You must not use human’s lotion products on your dog because they probably contain particular chemicals that are toxic and dangerous to them. For example, zinc oxide. It is especially dangerous when you put humans’ lotion products on their dry nose. Your dog will likely lick his nose and accidentally swallow the lotion.

If you want to moisturize your dog’s dry nose, put on a dog’s lotion product. It is safe to put on dog’s lotion on your fluffy friend since the product is specifically designed and manufactured for pets’ needs. Dogs’ lotions are totally safe and free from any dangerous chemicals and toxic substances. There are even dogs’ lotions that are specifically for a specific part of dogs, such as their paws and noses. Some products are even designed to overcome certain skin disorders, for example, itchy skin and dry skin.

Can You Baby Lotion on Your Dog?

Baby lotion tends to be gentler and milder than adult’s lotion. Yet, humans are completely different from dogs, whether they are adults or babies. So, you are not suggested to put baby lotion on your dog. The product still possibly contains ingredients and chemicals that are toxic to your dog. Though baby lotion might be safer than adults’ lotion, it will be better if you do not risk your dog’s safety and health. Instead, use dog lotions to treat his skin.

can I put lotion on my dog

What Types of Dog Lotions Should You Use?

Dog lotion products are available in some types. If you want to take care of your dog’s dry skin, the most common types of dog lotions used are butter, cream, and oil. There are even moisturizers that come in the form of mist. So, you just need to spray it. When you choose dog lotion, make sure the product is totally non-toxic and pet-safe. Make sure it does not contain toxic substances to dogs, such as zinc oxide, diclofenac, and calcipotriene.

What is the Best Time to Put Dog Lotion?

The best time to put dog lotion on your pet is right after a bath. Dog soap and shampoo tends to dry out his skin. Once you have bathed your dog, do not completely dry him. Leave a little damp and put on dog lotion.

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