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Ocicat Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

by Mohamad Rustam

The Ocicat cat is a hybrid of the domesticated feline and wild African serval. The result? A big, spotted beauty without any trace of its ancestors’ wilderness instinct. Meant to emulate wild cats like African Servals, this new breed called an “Ocicat” features both exotic looks that mimic their larger relatives as well as tame behavior for household living with humans!

It has wide ears and eyes that add the wild appearance so many people look for when choosing their next pet. The spots on the skin are made up of small ovals in groups of four or five which give it both distinctive patterns while still remaining true to its feline roots by having long fur all over its body – not just where humans might want it!

Ocicats are adorable, spotted cats with a wild look. They have lots of different colors which make them unique and interesting to pet owners. The Ocicat’s personality is playful but also sociable so they will do well in many households as long as you give it enough attention!

Who doesn’t love a spotted cat? Random spots in tawny, chocolate, cinnamon blue or lavender dot the coat of an Ocicat making this animal truly one-of-a-kind; not just because its markings give it that “wild” appearance although their façade may deceive you into believing otherwise – these animals are known for being social creatures who interact excellently with humans and other pets alike.

ocicat cat

Height 10 – 11 inch
Weight 6 – 15 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  8 to 16 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors Brown, chocolate, silver


The Ocicat breed is known for its beautiful brown or gold thumb-shaped spots all over the torsos. Rarely, Ocicats can be born with solid colors; pointed coats; even classic tabby patterns but by and large this distinctive trait is what makes them so unique to love!

Ocicats come in a dozen color variations! Some of the colors include tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, and lavender. A true Ocicat is born with pointed ears that will remain this way for their entire lives. They also have spots on both sides of their face- as an ocelot does. These cats are incredibly beautiful creatures who deserve to be recognized as such by everyone they meet today!

The Ocicat is originally an American variation of the Siamese. They are considered to be medium-sized cats, with males getting up to 15 pounds and females weighing about 10 pounds on average. Their bodies have muscular limbs that make them nimble hunters when they’re out prowling for prey at night time or during dawn hours while their owners sleep soundly in bed unaware! With wedge-shaped heads, large oval paws set upon slender digits that measure around 12 inches long each, and triangle-sized ears tipped at 45-degree angles these cats aren’t just good-looking; but fast too!

Ocicats originated from America’s love affair with the color variations found within natural breeds like black tabbies such as our beloved.


Ocicats are known for their strong bonds with humans. They enjoy playing and being social, but they may form a particularly good connection to one person in the household who will then be followed around by Ocelat everywhere he or she goes!

Ocicats are usually smart enough to understand not only meaning but context and will pick up on your commands if you train them correctly. They can be trained to perform a number of tasks such as walking on a leash, coming when their name is called, or sitting down for long periods of time. Ocicats have been known throughout history as an excellent hunter that has historically helped in the wild by hunting small rodents like rats!

Ocicats are the perfect pet for households with cats and dogs, especially if they have been raised together. Ocicats may show signs of separation anxiety when left alone too long – though this could be remedied by spending more time away from home in general!



If you’re looking for a new friend, then an Ocicat may be just the right pet. These social cats are very intelligent and easy to train, so they quickly learn their name and come when called. They also have a strong devotion to their human companions – often begging them for food even without being prompted!


The Ocicat is a medium to large cat with substantial bone and muscle development, yet with an athletic appearance. They have hard bodies that are never coarse in order to maintain their elegant shape. The head of the Ocicat has rounder features than other cats which gives it an interesting distinction from its peers when seen on the profile or at close range because they appear more exotic looking as opposed to domesticated like so many others offer these days.

The body type for the Ocicat should be Solid, but not too thick since this could cause them problems such as arthritis later down the line due mainly to issues related back pain associated joints and muscles along with ligaments all over their entire lengthy frame; instead, there needs always be some depth.


Ocicat cats should be muscular and not too skinny. They have oval feet with five toes in front of the paw, four on the back.


The Ocicat is a feline with an angular and distinctive skull shape. A careful examination of the head reveals that it has gentle curves, which are visible when viewing from both sides. The muzzle features broad nostrils perfect for scenting out the prey; meanwhile, its profile shows a good length that will allow this critter to pounce on unsuspecting targets in seconds flat!



Ocicats are known for their large almond-shaped eyes that angle slightly upwards from the ears and have more than enough space between them. They come in all colors except blue, with no correlation to eye color or coat color. Ocicats have the longest eyes of all breeds and will usually come in any color except blue. Almond-shaped with angling slightly upwards, they are not just a beautiful breed but also an intelligent one that is known for being playful!


Not only are these cats sweet, but they come in a variety of delicious flavors like cinnamon spotted and chocolate silver-spotted.

Not just any cat can be bad enough to take the title for our favorite feline friend – we want one that is so adorable it will make your heart melt! What sets them apart from other breeds? They’re not afraid to show their stripes with colors such as blue-spotted and lavender silver spotted.


Ocicats, often mistaken for wild cats, are actually hairless and have a silky coat. Though they don’t need baths as frequently as other breeds of cat do, if you plan on showing your Ocicat then opt to use a bronze-tone shampoo that enhances their natural color range: browns (bronze), chocolates/spotted cinnamon (chocolate), or fawns/blue kitties with lilac points (lilac). For silver pets, there’s also the whitening option available!

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