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Lykoi Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

by Mohamad Rustam
lykoi cat

The Lykoi Cat is a natural cat breed that’s affectionately known by fans as the Werewolf Cat. This unique feline has a striking appearance and has only been on the scene since 2011 due to its mutation! The Lykoi may be found in shelters or rescue groups so remember to adopt one of these loving cats instead of shopping for them.

The Lykoi cat has a rough, bristled coat that can make it look mangy. Despite this short hairs are soft and the standard color is black roan with a slightly silvery appearance. The eyes of these cats are nearly round in shape and range from green to amber in color.

Lykoi cats have a generally playful personality, but they also love their own space. They can get along with humans and dogs as well as other pets, according to the Cat Fanciers’ Association. Though these little guys are friendly around strangers too, it’s common for them to remain somewhat aloof from people outside of their regular human companionship circle when the company is over.

If you want to keep your Lykoi healthy and happy, make sure they are only indoor cats. Their hair provides little protection from cold or sunlight, so keeping them well clear of both will go a long way towards keeping the cat happy. They don’t climb or hide any more than typical breeds do, so providing them with some scratching posts and toys should be fine for this breed as well. Multi-pet homes won’t pose an issue for these kittens if they have been properly socialized when young either since multi-pet households aren’t usually problems for most to consider!

The Lykoi cat is a unique breed that has some parts of its body without any hair. They are often compared to an opossum because they look like them when their coats resemble the fur on these marsupials. These cats have very thin and lightweight bodies with black roan color which appears as gray once it matures, unlike other breeds where colors stay true even after years of the maturation process. Like most feline pets, this one also sheds whenever there is growth in new hairs or if they go through shedding season but fortunately for you, your pet’s coat will grow back eventually!

lykoi cat

Height 8 – 10 inch
Weight 8 – 12 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  8 to 10 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors White, black, orange, ebony,  gray, silver, brown, cream, beige


The Lykoi Cat is a small- to medium-sized, partially hairless feline. It may weigh 4 – 7 pounds and have no undercoat but parts of the body are commonly exposed with skin feeling similar to leather that can darken due to sun exposure.

There are some Lykoi cats that have more fur than others—some animals appear almost fully haired, while other’s coats will be completely bald. Breeders select for black cats in the breed range of colors varying from silver to all black which is often called roan by non-feline species but they show under “all black” classes when presents.

These unique-looking cats are often described as having a “wolf” look, which is cool. Males tend to be larger than females, and their tails are typically shorter in length relative to the body size. Lykoi have ears that sit high on the head—a feature that contributes towards the overall wolfish appearance of these animals when compared with other domestic breeds such as Maine Coon or Ragamuffin Cats.

These cats aren’t too big, with males typically larger than females. Like many wildcats, they’re lean and strong. Their tails are shorter than their body while legs average to the size of their bodies—their ears point outwards like a house cat’s but look more wolf-like in shape due to how tall and wide-set they are!

Lykoi cats might not seem large compared to other types of felines; however this is mainly because unlike most others who tend towards being bulky (and often obese), feral Lykoi instead selects for leaner builds that allow them better agility when hunting prey or avoiding predators. As well as having short tails relative to their overall length–similarly sized limbs makes it easier for these animals to move quickly.

lykoi cat


A Lykoi cat is smart, curious, and loves to solve problems. It’s important for their mental health that you have plenty of toys they can play with because these cats are always on the prowl. Rotating out old toys ensures your kitty will get a new challenge each time!


The history of the Lykoi cat is so unique, and the history shows that breeders Johnny and Brittney Gobble, along with Patti Thomas discovered a unique-looking litter. After letting them reproduce, they documented this process in order to find out if it resulted in an entirely new type of cat. The name comes from the Greek word for the wolf because their coats resemble two-toned wolves’ fur instead of single-toned cats’.

In 2011, a group of breeders started the Lykoi cat breed. This mutation in feral cats has been occurring for years and was first seen by humans when one breeder noticed it happening to ferals she owned. In 2012, TICA recognized the new species as part of their championship status program. As more kittens were born with this newly discovered appearance, people realized they had actually found an entirely different animal from every other domestic cat on earth!

lykoi cat


 The Lykoi cat is a new breed of cat, so it’s hard to know what genetic issues they may have. One good way to be proactive about their health care and the aging process is by getting checked for all standard feline diseases like FIP or heart problems from your veterinarian. Then you can discuss with them how the Lykoi is doing as they get older and keep an eye out on any potential symptoms at home that could indicate something going wrong in the body.

The Lykoi cat does not have an undercoat and, therefore, coat care will be minimal — a light brushing once a week will be sufficient. This is because the original breeders carefully selected and tested their foundation cats to ensure that they are healthy with no known health issues.

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