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Egyptian Mau Cat Breed: Characteristic, Personality & Care

by Mohamad Rustam
egyptian mau cat

The Egyptian Mau cat is full of energy and speed cat. They will chase after a toy for hours and loves to jump onto high places like your fridge or bookshelf, she’ll also sing you sweet songs while kneading with her front paws if that’s what it takes to get some attention! The gentle giant has been known at times in history as the fastest cat on earth reaching speeds up to 30 miles per hour when chasing prey down.

The Egyptian cat is the only natural breed of spotted domestic feline. These felines have a medium size and are built with well-developed muscles, while their impression should be energetic and colorful.

The Egyptian Mau cat is a long-haired but medium-sized feline. The male of the species tends to be larger than the females, with triangular heads and spotted tabby coats. Their fur can vary in length from short to semi-long depending on its genetic background; it has a glossy coat that feels soft against your skin!

The Egyptian Mau voice is usually quiet, but when they talk to their human companions it sounds like a cheerful chortle. Maus also makes other noises such as purring and trilling that are unique for the breed of this cat. These cats love sitting on laps while being petted by humans who pay them proper homage. If you show your human companion that you can be trusted, these affectionate creatures will shower with lots of love and loyalty; however, if strangers try getting close then don’t expect any favors from these fiercely loyal animals because once they bond with someone in particular, each member wants to be loved only by those chosen few rather than everyone else in general!

egyptian mau cat

Height 7 – 11 inch
Weight 8 – 12 pounds
Kid-Friendly  High
Friendliness  High
Shedding Amount Medium
Playfulness  High
Life span  9 to 13 years
Intelligence  High
Vocalness Medium
Colors White, black, ebony,  gray, silver, brown, cream, beige


The Egyptian Mau, much like the Ocicat, is known for its spotted coat. Unlike other cats with spots though, it wasn’t created by a breeder; instead, these long and lean muscular cats have tiptoe-like front legs because their hind ones are slightly longer than them.

Egyptian Mau cats have a unique face that sets them apart from other breeds. One could describe it as “worried”, with their eyebrows like an M and lines under the eyes to create this look. They are muscular, but soft-headed creatures that feature medium-sized ears atop their wedge-shaped head. Their spots range in size and shape – some larger than others giving each one it’s own distinct patterning. The hind legs of these felines are longer compared to that upfront which makes for delicate feet at the end of long tails banded towards the tip with dark colors making a clear contrast against white fur coats.

The Egyptian Mau cat has a unique head shape, either sporting the “scarab beetle” marking on their forehead or an “M.” Their ears are broad-based and set fairly wide apart. The most striking feature of this feline? Its bright green eyes!


The Egyptian Mau is an athletic cat who will quickly learn to open doors and drawers. They have a voice that chortles and trills, are highly intelligent, love to climb onto your shoulder – including into the shower with you! Maus communicate pleasure or enthusiasm by wagging their tails in excitement as well as kneading paws while conversing with you in a high-pitched tone of voice.

The Egyptian Mau is a playful and intelligent cat who loves playing with water. They’re also great to snuggle buddies, as well! What’s not to love? These cats are perfect for families or those looking for an active pet that can keep up with you. However, they do need time alone to get their energy out–they can be reserved around guests at first so it might take them some time before they feel comfortable enough letting their guard down completely!

egyptian mau cat


The Egyptian Mau cat has a medium-long, graceful body with well-developed muscular strength. It also has loose skin flaps extending from its flank to the hind leg knee and general balance is more important than size alone. Males have allowances for their muscular necks and shoulders.


The Egyptian Mau is a medium-sized cat with short legs, proportionately longer hind legs that cause the appearance of being on tiptoe when standing upright. It has small and dainty feet which are slightly oval in shape and have five toes in front as well as four at the back.


The Egyptian Mau’s head is a slightly rounded wedge with no flat planes. Medium in length, it isn’t full-cheeked and has a gentle contour that starts at the bridge of its nose and rises to its high forehead. The entire length of the cat’s nose remains even when viewed from front on rather than one side or another.


The Egyptian Mau cat has large eyes that are green. They also have a slightly slanted almond-shaped shaped and deep-set. There is a generous allowance for changing eye color, which can be seen by the age of eight months in some cats with discernible green on their eyes while full mature greenery appears at one year old or older. Preference goes to all ages who want greener colored eyes but it’s more going towards those younger than them as they fully develop later into adults.


General like silver, brown, or bronze


Understanding the nature of your cat is helpful in understanding how to care for them. Egyptian Maus are generally quiet, but if they feel neglected or hungry, their discomfort will be easy enough to spot and should always be taken seriously by an owner.

Despite being a breed that sheds quite frequently, the Egyptian Mau cat is hypoallergenic and easy to groom. All you have to do is brush them once or twice a week! This can be an excellent way for owners and their cats to bond while keeping shedding under control.

egyptian mau cat

The Egyptian Mau is a generally healthy cat, but one condition that may affect them is leuodystrophy. It’s an illness that can show up in kittens as early as seven weeks old and comes from the breeder so always buy from someone who provides a written health guarantee.

Egyptian Maus have a medium-length fur coat, but the texture varies depending on color. Cats with smoke coloring can be brushed weekly to maintain their silky and fine coats while cats with bronze or silver coloring should use more dense resilient textures when brushing. They only need regular nail trimming followed by ear cleaning if needed for overall health and fresh breath like many other breeds of cats do too!


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