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Can You Rename a Dog? 4 Easy Ways to Make It Possible

by Esa Shafly
can you rename a dog

Can you rename a dog? This question is often asked when people are just adopting a dog from the shelter. Well, if the name is changed, does the dog recognize its new name? The answer is yes, you can. It is very possible to rename the dog with whatever name that you like.

However, you should also know that renaming a dog has a consequence. Yes, it means you must train the dog with its new name until the dog finds it more familiar. Sure, it takes time and energy. Besides, dogs have characters that are different from one to another. Some of them can just easily accept their new names. Meanwhile, some others or not. As an owner, there are some matters you should do when intending to change the dog’s name. Here they are.

A Simpler or a Similar Name to the Previous One

You should know well no matter how smart your dog is, it is just an animal that “thinks” simply. Therefore, if you want to change the name, the new name should be simple, even simpler than the previous one. Generally, dogs easily acquire names with only 2 syllables. Besides, it is important also to use “hard” consonants like k, b, d, or t. So, the new name can be around Kimmy, Cooper, Bailey, and the likes.

Another way how to change the dog’s name is by using a new name that sounds quite similar to the old one. If the old name is Barry, you can change it to Billy. Toby is also a good choice for a dog with the old name Tommy. With a simple or a similar name, the dog doesn’t find it too difficult to memorize and to be accustomed to the new name. It will respond to the name even only in a few days.

can you rename a dog

Introduce the New Name to Others

Of course, you should not be the only person who calls the dog by its new name. All the family members, friends, and even neighbors must know it. So, make sure to introduce the new name to others. It enables them to call your dog with the same name as you. This way helps the dog a lot to be used to with the new name.

Call the Dog with Friendly Intonation

The way you call the dog influences its acceptance of the new name. So, you should not call the dog too loud or rude. Instead, call it with friendly and cheerful intonation. Therefore, more than just being used to it, the dog will love the name too.

Use Foods to Encourage the Dog

In case after around a week your dog still cannot recognize its new name, you can use its favorite foods to encourage it. Call the dog with the new name while showing the food. It can be much more effective when doing it during eating time. You can do it regularly until your dog can really recognize the new name as its. So, can you rename a dog? Exactly, as long as you know all the things to do.

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