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Can Dog Eat Celery? This is The Answer You Need!

by Esa Shafly
can dog eat celery

A dog is a carnivore. However, it doesn’t mean you should give it meat every day. Your dog also needs a balanced diet to get all nutrients that its body needs and for its health. Adding the vegetable on its menu is recommended. One of the most recommended vegetables you can give to your dog is celery. However, many dog owners hesitate with this idea. Can dog eat celery? They often ask that. So, we will explain to you about celery as the meal for your dog.

Is It Safe?

The answer is yes. Your dog can eat celery stalk without any problem. However, there is a risk of choking, especially for the young puppy. Therefore, before you add this vegetable to your dog’s meal, make sure you cut it into small pieces that your dog can easily chew and swallow.

The other concern from the dog owner is the pesticide on the celery. To solve this problem, you can buy non-pesticide or organic celery. Or, you can buy the standard celery. However, you have to wash it thoroughly before you give it to your dog. Make sure you wash the leaves carefully because this place holds more pesticides than the stalk. That will be safer for your dog to consume.

can dog eat celery

How to Add Celery into Your Dog’s Diet

Can dog eat celery immediately? Unfortunately, you can’t do that. Do it slowly and in a small portion. Then, see how your dog reacts to this new food. If it likes celery, you can try to add more portions for it. However, if it shows dislike to this vegetable, we advise you to stop giving it and find other vegetables.

Another important thing you should know is whether you should give it raw or cooked. The raw celery is crunchier and harder. It is a good choice for young and adult dogs because they love to chew something. However, for an old dog, we recommend you choose the cooked celery. It is much easier for them to chew and swallow.

The Benefits of Giving Celery to Your Dog

Now, you know that you can safely give your dog celery as their snack. Here, we give you the ideas on what kind of benefits your dog can get from this vegetable.

–        It has low calories,

–        It packs of Vitamin (A, C, and K),

–        It has a lot of minerals, especially Zinc can strengthen your dog immune system and improve digestive system,

–        It has a lot of fibers,

–        High water content,

–        Celery has potassium content for your dog blood pressure and heart’s health,

–        Rich in Vitamin E as an antioxidant.


Can dog eat celery? We hope this article will answer and give you new knowledge about your dog and its meal. We believe by including celery and another vegetable into your dog’s meal, you can make it even healthier and happier than before. But, make sure you consult the doctor before you give it to avoid allergies or other health problems.

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